Funding Sources

Title I

The Poster Studio Express supports numerous objectives outlined by the requirements of the Title I program.

From supporting mathematics and reading to strengthening ESL programs and providing the ability to produce customizable learning materials, our system can reinforce your Title I program on nearly every level. To get a complete breakdown of how our systems can help your district meet Title I requirements, call us at 877-798-8951.



“Allowable activities, services, and programs must be focused on academic enrichment that is designed to reinforce and complement the regular academic program of participating students.”

The Poster Studio Express is made for Title IV. It affords any district the opportunity to reinforce programs involving youth development activities, service learning, nutrition and health education, drug and violence prevention programs, counseling programs, arts, music, physical fitness and wellness programs, technology education programs, literacy and financial literacy programs, environmental literacy programs, mathematics, science, career and technical education programs, internship or apprenticeship programs.

Carl Perkins IV CTE

Supporting Career and Technical Education Programs

Use the Poster Studio Express to create occupation specific learning materials – on demand! No matter what industry programs you are looking to reinforce, the Poster Studio Express can help you provide differentiated, specific and powerful learning aids for the CTE classroom.