Poster Makers For Texas Schools

Poster Printers For Texas Schools

Supplement Your TEKS Compliance With Poster Makers From Poster Studio Express!

The Poster Studio Express system allows your school to easily create giant, captivating classroom posters that support your school’s efforts to exceed the TEKS standards.

45 Ways A School Poster Maker Can Support Your School Regarding TEKS

  1. Creating posters displaying key vocabulary and concepts for each subject, aligned with TEKS standards.

  2. Large, dynamic visual aids to supplement verbal instruction, making learning more engaging and interactive for students.

  3. Printing real-world examples of key concepts and ideas to help students see how the information they are learning applies in the real world.

  4. Printing posters to supplement textbook material, providing additional information and illustrations to make the material more interesting and relevant to students.

  5. Visuals to provide historical context for key concepts and ideas, helping students to understand how ideas have developed over time and how they relate to current issues.

  6. Promote critical thinking by providing thought-provoking posters with information and images that encourage students to think more deeply about key concepts and ideas.

  7. Display student work and achievements in large format, promoting a positive learning environment and student pride.

  8. Displaying easy to read class schedules, rules, and expectations, promoting clear communication and organization.

  9. Promote effective communication and organization by displaying important dates and upcoming events.

  10. Printing posters for special events, such as science fairs, talent shows, and parent-teacher conferences.

  11. Promoting school-wide initiatives, such as anti-bullying campaigns and recycling programs.

  12. Classroom decorations to further enhance a positive and engaging learning environment.

  13. Printing posters for use in science labs, displaying safety procedures and equipment instructions.

  14. Mathematics posters displaying formulas and problem-solving strategies.

  15. English language arts visuals displaying grammar rules and literary elements.

  16. Social studies creations displaying maps and historical information.

  17. Physical education class posters displaying exercises and sports rules.

  18. Foreign language teaching aids displaying vocabulary and grammar rules.

  19. Art class posters displaying techniques and elements of art, or famous artist prints on a variety of materials.

  20. Music class teaching assistance, by displaying musical notation and performance techniques.

  21. Technology posters for digital literacy and computer skills.

  22. Library and media center posters with booklists and research resources.

  23. Special education class posters communicating accommodations and modifications.

  24. Guidance counseling offices can displaying college and career resources.

  25. General school information and policies for administrative offices.

  26. Cafeteria posters displaying menus and nutrition information.

  27. Giant visuals for the school’s hallways and common areas, promoting school spirit and positive behavior.

  28. Entrance way posters to display procedures while promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment.

  29. Printing posters for use in your school’s lobby, displaying school achievements and awards.

  30. Promoting upcoming events and performances.

  31. Sports posters with team schedules and records.

  32. Printing posters for use in the school’s courtyard, promoting environmental awareness and sustainability.

  33. Computer lab displays with instructions and guidelines for using the equipment, and shortcuts for common applications.

  34. Posters for media centers displaying information about the school’s media collection.

  35. Printing posters for use in the school’s resource center, displaying information about the school’s resources and services.

  36. Parent teacher night and conference room poster to show meeting agendas and information.

  37. Printing posters for use in the school’s staff room to display professional development opportunities and resources.

  38. Health clinic posters displaying health and wellness information.

  39. Communicating what mental health resources and support services your school offers.

  40. Printing posters for use in the school’s gifted and talented program, displaying information about the program and resources.

  41. After-school program posters to communicate information about activities and events.

  42. Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) posters with information about meetings and events.

  43. Advertising volunteer program opportunities.

  44. Mentoring program opportunities and resources.

  45. Promoting your community outreach program with posters about community service and outreach opportunities.

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