Coated Poster Paper

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Coated Paper expands on standard paper by adding an invisible coating that improves paper smoothness, enhances print quality (less print bleed) and strengthens your creation’s UV resistance. Coated Paper provides a perfect balance between cost efficiency, and poster longevity. Coated Paper is the best option for posters that get laminated, and posters that need extra resistance to sunlight. Our recyclable coated paper is made in the USA, and is the perfect paper to use in your Poster Studio Express printer!

24" 2 PAck | $119.95
24" | $69.95
24" 4 Pack | $239.95
36" | $79.95
36" 4 Pack | $299.95
42" | $89.95
42" 4 Pack | $319.95


Our 24lb coated paper looks and feels exactly the same as standard paper, but provides a significantly more clear and detailed print, due to a chemical coating overlay, which protects your prints from sunlight and fading. Additionally, this chemical overlay improves line accuracy on your prints, by reducing ink bleed, which allows for a sharper, more vibrant print!

– Bright white finish
– Instant dry
– Good ink adhesion
– Good line acuity
– Good black density
– Smooth matte finish
– Compatible with a variety of WF inkjet printers
– Compatible with thermal and PSA overlaminates
– No off setting
– Excellent post processing and finishing


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions N/A
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Paper Width

24", 24" 2 PAck, 24" 4 Pack, 30", 36", 36" 4 Pack, 42", 42" 4 Pack, 44", 44"x100'

Paper Roll Length


Paper Opacity


Paper Thickness (mil)


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