Supplies compatible with Poster Studio Express A, B and C Packages

  • Standard Poster Paper

    Perfect for everyday use, our 100% recyclable standard poster paper is ultra-bright, and produces high quality posters for your classroom! Poster Studio Express standard poster paper stands above the rest in quality, print accuracy and ease of use! Our 150' rolls will work with any printer, and is made in the USA.
  • Coated Paper

    Coated Paper expands on standard paper by adding an invisible coating that improves paper smoothness, enhances print quality (less print bleed) and strengthens your creation's UV resistance. Coated Paper provides a perfect balance between cost efficiency, and poster longevity. Coated Paper is the best option for posters that get laminated, and posters that need extra resistance to sunlight. Our recyclable coated paper is made in the USA, and is the perfect paper to use in your Poster Studio Express printer!
  • Create your classroom visuals on our premium 46lb coated paper for a long lasting, vibrant and accurate print creation!
  • High Gloss Photo Paper

    Glossy Photo Paper for all Poster Studio Express Packages. Bring your classroom creations to life with the High Gloss perfection offered by this media! Like a traditional photo paper, our paper offers perfect detail for your creations, and optimal color vibrance. Fast drying means that it will be ready to use right out of the printer, and with our long life inks, your creation will provide years of perfect color in your classroom.
  • Satin Photo Paper

    Satin Photo Paper provides a smooth, matte, semi-gloss finish for your classroom creations. The premium coating applied to this paper at the factory, ensures top of the line print accuracy, the brightest white paper, exceptional color vibrance and extended print longevity. Use this paper for creations that are meant to last for years, and posters that require high quality photo reproduction. It's perfect for signage, indoor event banners and edge to edge photo and graphics reproductions. This is the best paper we offer and we guarantee it will make you creations shine for years to come!
  • Package A, B and C Ink

    It's easy to get consistent, sharp, accurate results with Original HP inks, designed for use with your Poster Studio Express printer! Want more pages, great reliability, and amazing value? You want original HP inks from Poster Studio Express!