Poster Studio Express offers a selection of laminators designed to be used with not only our solutions, but for any application in your school or district. Have an older, thermal printer? Check out the PSECool Laminator! It uses dual-sided adhesive to protect your posters, and requires no heat or electricity!

Laminate your posters for durability. Cold laminators require no warm up time.
  • No electricity
  • No warm-up time
  • Thermal paper compatible
Easily laminate your posters!
  • Less expensive supplies
  • Perfect for Poster Studio Express
Get your supplies for your laminator today.
  • Supplies for any laminator
  • Online ordering
Cold laminators require no heat up time.

Effortless, electricity free laminating.

The PSE Cool Laminator from Poster Studio Express provides users with an effortless way to protect their poster creations using ultra-durable, acid free, UV protectant laminate!

Laminating your poster gives them extra durability.
  • Laminate that adheres to both sides of the material – no more separation!
  • Durable 3mil, acid free laminate
  • No warm-up time
  • No electricity
  • No smell
  • Available in 25″ and 44″ sizes
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