How much does it cost to print a poster?


Poster costs range between around $1.50 for a black on white poster with text (standard paper) to around $10 per poster for full color photographs on photo quality paper. (Pricing [...]

How much does it cost to print a poster?2020-01-29T23:02:59-04:00

Can the printer be networked?


Yes. We encourage users of our printers to use a wired network if possible. All our printers can be networked with ethernet cables, and our A,B and C packages also [...]

Can the printer be networked?2020-01-29T23:01:28-04:00

Can posters be laminated?


Yes. You can use any laminator on our posters without affecting print quality.

Can posters be laminated?2020-01-29T23:00:04-04:00

Are your packages Mac compatible?


Our A and A+ packages both include a Windows based laptop including all the necessary software. If you would like to use a Mac, we can structure a package including [...]

Are your packages Mac compatible?2020-01-29T22:59:16-04:00

Can I use my own applications to design posters?


Yes. Our printers all include standard Windows drivers, allowing you to print to them as easily as it would be to print to a desktop printer.

Can I use my own applications to design posters?2020-01-29T22:57:23-04:00

What is the Poster Studio Express support policy?


All Poster Studio Express packages include free, lifetime remote software technical assistance. That means if you have a problem, our technicians can request a screen-share with you and directly diagnose [...]

What is the Poster Studio Express support policy?2020-01-29T22:54:49-04:00

Is On Site Installation Available?


Yes! We offer on-site installation and training packages for an additional fee. Please request an on-site quotation in your pricing request.

Is On Site Installation Available?2020-01-29T22:53:59-04:00

What is a remote install?


Our standard installation policy is to provide a free remote install. A remote install requires the client to simply plug in the pre-configured Design Station and install the printheads and [...]

What is a remote install?2020-01-29T22:52:38-04:00

How Do I Get Pricing?


Please visit our pricing page and one of our sales professionals will provide you with our pricing sheet within 2 hours.

How Do I Get Pricing?2020-01-29T22:10:50-04:00