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Poster Maker Machines For Schools.

Our Story


Red Circle Solutions is an HP Silver Partner.

Red Circle Solutions was founded in 2006 with a vision to simplify the purchasing process for schools, local and state governments, law enforcement, healthcare and corporate clients. Our vision at Red Circle Solutions is to help our clients obtain top quality products that fit their needs, at the best possible prices. In addition to our vast product catalog, we also focus very heavily on providing world class customer support and customer service. At Red Circle Solutions, our clients are at the center of everything we do – not our bottom line.

The Poster Studio Express is a product envisioned by Red Circle Solutions to address the sometimes simple, and sometimes complex needs of the education wide format printing market. We noticed that all the products currently on the market, were either very limited in their feature set, or simply too difficult to use. By combining a group of products together that could suit every need, we believe we have created an industry leading product that can be easy to use, but still packed with value added features, support and service. Our printer has some of the fastest printing times, and some of the most economical ink cartridges on the market, to save our clients time and money. Our industry leading poster design software has a set of over 300 powerful features allowing our clients to design posters limited only by their imagination. Our mobile app, scanning unit and design station have also been carefully assembled to make sure we can address the needs of everyone – from students to graphic design professionals.

To further improve on our product, we also invested heavily on providing world class support abilities. With the availability of next day on site printer repair directly from HP, (our printer manufacturer) our hardware support relies on the leading printer company in the whole world – Hewlett Packard.  We also provide, direct to the end user, remote lifetime technical support, which allows us to take control of clients’ computers to address any issues, quickly, simply and efficiently. Our hand-on training methods, combined with detailed, curriculum driven learning content, also allow our clients to get the most out of their Poster Studio Express, even on their own!

We look forward to serving you, our customers and we will continue to strive to improve upon our world-class product.

We are proud to be HP Partners.

Our HP partnership allows us to bring our clients the very best printers, support services, updates, advancements and technologies from the world’s largest printing company. This also means that we supply on HP Certified inks and supplies to our valued clients.