Print Posters Any Way You'd Like

Print Posters Any Way You'd Like

The Poster Studio Express allows your creativity and imagination to take center stage when creating exciting classroom visuals - not technical concerns. With an infinite array of printing options, your users need not worry about whether something can or cannot be printed - the Poster Studio Express has you covered!

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Create a Large Format Poster by Pressing a Button!

Using the Poster Studio Express design station, you can easily scan and original document (letter size) and make it 24" x 36" in 5 minutes! Our simple 2 step process allows teachers, staff, faculty and even students to enlarge their letter sized documents into extra large, full color, eye catching visual creations within minutes!

Step 1

Simply add your document to the scanner and press the colored button once.

Step 2

Preview your print and click the print button.

Enjoy Your Full Color Classroom Creation!

Wait for the print job to complete. It's really that easy!


The Poster Studio Express Design Software was designed specifically to make it easy for anyone to create attention-grabbing visuals for any application. See the full software description and feature list by clicking here.


The Poster Studio Express can accept print jobs from any existing application and resize them automatically. That means you can now make full color, large format posters from any existing application including office applications, graphic design applications and even databases or spreadsheets. For more complex resizing tasks, our Poster Design Software also provides a range of smart resizing tools to make sure you get the highest quality poster possible!

Our education template collection provides your school with an invaluable collection of classroom resources. Separated into 10 different education categories, our templates can be printed as they are, or easily customized to suit any purpose. Need some help with a template design? No worries! Call us and we will customize it for you!

Our education templates are organized in the following categories:

  1. Language Arts
  2. Reading Workshop
  3. Writing Workshop
  4. Graphic Organizers
  5. Math
  6. Classroom Resources
  7. Social Studies
  8. Science
  9. Art
  10. Health

See the templates page for some examples!