Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our pricing page and one of our sales professionals will provide you with our pricing sheet within 2 hours.

Yes. When we send pricing, we send information on all 3 of the available packages. Each package has a different combination of hardware and software to suit your needs.

Our standard installation policy is to provide a free remote install. A remote install requires the client to simply plug in the pre-configured Design Station and install the printheads and ink on the printer. The printer and Design Station installation process can be performed in 10 minutes and requires little to no technical know-how. After the hardware is plugged in, one of our support technicians will sign into your design station remotely and provide a minimum one hour training session on the software, print settings and features of the product. On-site installation is also available.

On-site installation is available at an extra cost. The cost of such will be provided in our price quotation.

All Poster Studio Express packages include free, lifetime remote software technical assistance. That means if you have a problem, our technicians can request a screen-share with you and directly diagnose any issues. As far as printer hardware warranties are concerned, our printers include a 1 year next business day on-site warranty including parts and labor. This printer warranty can also be extended to 6 years in total for an additional cost.

Yes. Our printer driver can accept jobs from any application you use. It is however suggested that our software be used to scale your files correctly in order to avoid misaligned and washed out resolutions from certain file types.

Yes. The Design Station comes pre-loaded with all the necessary software and requires no additional software installation.

In packages which do not include the Design Station, our technicians will remotely assist with any necessary software installation at no extra cost.

Posters cost between $1.29 and $7.50 per poster depending on the paper stock and print coverage.

Yes. We accept purchase orders, credit cards and school checks.

Yes. Poster Studio Express is a part of Red Circle Solutions.

Yes. We have a limited number of templates available. We have also just launched our complimentary template gallery for users of the Poster Studio Express software!

All posters created using the Poster Studio Express can be hot or cold laminated, allowing schools to preserve their prints for future use without buying expensive thermal transfer papers.

Every Poster Studio Express Package comes with next day, on site, repairs and service for the first year, and Lifetime Priority Support with our expertly trained instructors and technical support team.

Wireless Cloud and e-Printing allow you to wirelessly and securely upload or e-mail your print jobs to your Poster Studio Express from across campus or across the world!